Healthy Cooking Recipes

Private Chefs of Houston’s, Healthy Cooking Series, presents this collection of healthy and delicious recipes.

Kale Salad

The PCH awesome delicious and nutritious Kale Salad.

Tofu Black Bean Chili

PCH serves up tasty chili that also helps tighten tummies.

The Big Green Smoothie

PCH whips up this delightful power drink.


Private Chefs of Houston offers unique and personalized dining experiences for small gatherings or large events. Our range of menu options are designed to appeal to all palates and preferences, with ingredients that are freshly picked and in season. We also seek to source meats and produce that are local and organic, non-GMO, and humanely raised. Cooking is an art, and we look for chefs that have honed their craft and care about excellence. Reserve a Private Chef for your next unforgettable occasion. And don’t worry about the details, our turn-key services and support staff will work with the chef to make your occasion truly memorable.

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