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Private Chefs of Houston’s, Healthy Cooking Series, focuses on teaching how diet can address key health issues, illnesses and diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and some cancers.

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Employees Need To Be Knowledgeable About The Foods They Eat

Nutrition plays a central role in overall health and wellness, but too often it’s relegated to the sidelines of employee wellness plans. The World Health Organization estimates 80% of heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes cases could be prevented by diet and lifestyle changes.

Because of the importance of a healthy diet, Private Chefs of Houston has decided to team up with companies to offer Healthy Cooking Demonstrations and Lunch&Learns as a part of their wellness programs. The focus will be on various types of medical conditions and how to battle these issues with the right diet.

The Healthy Cooking Series, Private Chefs of Houston’s, Healthy Cooking w/ Chef Tim, will focus on various types of health issues, illnesses and diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and some cancers. The goal is to emphasize the foods that are beneficial and to identify those foods that are not. Each demonstration presents the best way to prepare food and which ingredients to use to receive the best nutritional benefits.

Courses Offered:

  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations: Menu items are sampled by participants.
  • Healthy Cooking Lunch & Learns: A full lunch is served by a Private Chef.
  • Benefit Fairs with Samples and Q&A: A Private Chef serves samples while hosting a Q&A session.

The live Cooking Demos provide a visual explanation of when and how to use your ingredients during meal preparation and cooking. The menu is pre-selected by the client. The selected menu items will be sampled by the participants at the end of the cooking demonstration. If there are any food allergies or special diets for the participants, the client must present the information during the planning of the menu.

Sample Healthy Cooking Demos Include:

  • Up to 100 Employees
  • 2 Hour Healthy Cooking Seminar
  • Health Educator for Q&As
  • A Private Chef to Host Demonstrations
  • Food Samples and Drinks for Employees

Sample Menu for The Healthy Cooking Series:

  • Parmesan Kale Salad
  • Curried Squash Stew
  • Cucumber Limeade



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