Corporate Events & Health Educator Services

Corporate Events

For company events, Private Chefs of Houston has a team of elite chefs, event planners, and designers that work together to create exquisite dining experiences for any occasion.

Large Event Services include:

  • Free Initial Consultation to Personally Design Your Menu
  • Event Planning
  • Floral Design & Decorations
  • Staffing of Servers, Event Planners, Designers, Bartenders, Set-Up/Clean-Up Crews, and Chef
  • Shopping For Menu Items
  • Room & Table Preparation
  • On-Site Food Preparation (we handle equipment rentals for special destinations without a kitchen or the necessary equipment)
  • Kitchen Cleaning

Health Educator Services include:

  • Educate Employees on Wellness Topics and Healthy Lifestyle Choices Involving Nutrition
  • Attend Healthy Cooking Demos with our Private Chef
  • Assist with Team Building Cooking Classes

Some Examples of Large Events:

  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
  • Large Group Dinner Parties
  • Corporate Gatherings
  • Team Building Cooking Classes
  • Destination Dining
To request a quote or schedule a corporate event, fill out the Corporate Event Reservation Form below, or email Private Chefs Of Houston at info@ and we’ll guide you through each step of the event planning process. Visit Our Chefs page to review our excellent private chefs. We also do Private Chef Events.

Corporate Event Reservation Form

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Outstanding food, service, and attention to detail. Very professional staff. Private Chefs of Atlanta exceeded my expectations on everything. Everyone at the party raved about the food!

Valarie J.

I had a dinner party for an important client in my home, Private Chefs did a great job of setting a festive mood and ensuring that the food, wine and atmosphere was very enjoyable. The Chef created some delicious entrees that my guest are still talking about weeks later!!

Rich W.

Private Chefs of Atlanta catered a dinner party for me. The chef was great, he was professional yet personable. The meal was superb, the presentation was elegant. I was very impressed with the taste and the quality of the food. Needless to say, the affair was a success and everyone raved about Private Chefs of Atlanta!

Tracie J.

Chef Devereux prepared a wonderful meal for a private ladies luncheon I attended. He welcomed us to sit in the kitchen-providing a wonderful view of the meal preparation-and shared stories about the history of each dish he served. Each dish built upon the one before and every plate returned empty! This was one of the most enjoyable lunch dates I’ve had in a long time.

Brittany B.

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Private Chefs of Houston offers unique and personalized dining experiences for small gatherings or large events. Our range of menu options are designed to appeal to all palates and preferences, with ingredients that are freshly picked and in season. We also seek to source meats and produce that are local and organic, non-GMO, and humanely raised. Cooking is an art, and we look for chefs that have honed their craft and care about excellence. Reserve a Private Chef for your next unforgettable occasion. And don’t worry about the details, our turn-key services and support staff will work with the chef to make your occasion truly memorable.

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